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01. Why the project is?

• Women in the Sundarbans face vulnerabilities due to limited financial contribution, lack of decision-making autonomy, and societal barriers.
• Traditional gender roles and social norms restrict economic opportunities and perpetuate unequal power dynamics.
• Social morality acts as a barrier, limiting women’s choices and independence.
• Women are at risk of violence and discrimination, hindering their well-being and potential.
• Vocational training plays a vital role in empowering rural youth by providing them with the necessary skills, opportunities, and resources to thrive in their communities, contribute to local development, and improve their quality of life.
To address these challenges, we promote gender equality and empower women and youth through education and vocational training

02. What the project is?

• To empower and uplift women in the Sundarbans region through personal and economic growth.
• To offer initiatives and programs like tailoring, food processing, soft toy, Plumbing, Computer Training, Electrician training, candle making, pickle making etc. depending upon the interest of the beneficiaries
• Drive focus on enhancing skills, promoting financial independence, and supporting overall well-being.
• Keeping livelihood as a primary goal, Mukti decided to address the unemployment issue by providing various vocational trainings to the youth and women for their future establishment

03. How the project is?

• Project provides comprehensive and practical training opportunities for women and youth facilitated by professional trainers.
• Establishes training centers in various areas for accessibility and convenience.
• Hubs for learning and skill development, empowering women for income-generating activities.
• A dedicated team manages and evaluates project progress and impact on regular basis.
• Facilitate development of a vibrant community business model to market the products.

04. Where the project is?

South 24 Pgs, East Medinipur district and Kolkata region of West Bengal, India

05. What is the impact?

• Ranging from economic empowerment and entrepreneurship to social transformation and community development.
• It improves the lives of women, strengthens their position in society, and contributes to the sustainable growth of the specified area.
• Till date, we have empowered youth, women, men who are talented but yet devoid of basic facilities and jobs.
• 3000 trainings were conducted where we able to empowered 7100 people including youth, men and women

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