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Empowering Rural Community Since 2003

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01. Why the Project is ?

• MUKTI’s aim is to provide support to students and teachers beyond the traditional classroom setting
• Access to study materials, relevant audio-video presentations, and activities in the digital platform
• Making education more accessible, affordable, and widely available
• Focus on reaching all those who seek to learn

02. What the project is?

• Free digital learning platform
• Aimed at teachers and students
• Focus on making education more affordable and accessible
• Bridging the gap in education resources and qualified teachers

03. How the Project is?

• Dedicated website developed for study materials in all subjects and classes
• Accessible to MSS teachers and students through user accounts
• Centralized service for learning resources
• Aimed at simplifying the educational process
• Enhancing the learning experience for all users

04. Where the project is?

Digitally available to all MSS across West Bengal

05. What the impact is?

Initial survey indicated very positive feedback of the initiative.

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