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01. Why the project is?

• Education challenges in rural areas are extensive, presenting vast opportunities for improvement.
• Shortcomings in the formal school system, such as teacher unavailability and lack of study materials, were recognized.
• Mukti initiated primary coaching for underprivileged students in marginalized areas of the Sundarbans.
• The program aimed to provide alternative livelihood sources for impoverished women affected by Covid-19 and natural calamities.
• The initiative sought to alleviate poverty and hunger among women and their children

02. What the project is?

• The Kishalaya Schools project provides basic education to underprivileged primary students.
• Educated and unemployed female teachers from the local community are hired to ensure quality education.
• Systematic monitoring and regular teacher training are implemented to maintain education standards.
• The initiative supports disadvantaged children in the post-pandemic era and those at risk of dropping out due to poverty.
• First-generation learners receive guidance and support at a nominal fee

03. How the Project is?

• Each school unit comprises four classes, with one teacher assigned to a maximum of 20 children.
• The Education Team and Board member supervise the project coordinator and field coordinator for successful management.

04. Where the project is?

Mathurapur II, Joynagar II Kultali block of South 24 Pgs district, Bagnan block in Howrah District and Egra block in East Medinipur district

05. What the impact is?

• MKSS has hired over 70 qualified women to empower more than 730 children with basic education.
• The initiative has a positive impact on the lives of these children and the wider society.
• MKSS successfully reduces the number of dropouts and promotes education in the community.

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